Silicon Onyx

On The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom · 19 min read


You dive off an island, miles up in the sky. As you rapidly descend to the world below, you notice something striking -- Hyrule has changed. What once a beautiful and luscious green landscape is now covered with a strange red-black substance, surrounding seemingly bottomless chasms. Ruined buildings are everywhere. Once populated cities now scarcely contain more than a handful of people, with strange monsters terrorizing the land.

How to Uninstall Mac System Extensions · 3 min read


Recently, I discovered that there were some leftover system extensions on my Mac from applications long deleted. I quickly discovered that there was no simple way to remove them, and had to jump through quite a bit more hoops than I was expecting.

On Mirror's Edge · 5 min read


Mirror's Edge harkens back to a more experimental era of Electronic Arts; an era where their developers could take risks and explore new, creative gameplay.

Retro Review: Super Mario Galaxy · 4 min read


Super Mario Galaxy is a fantastic platformer with a stream of interesting ideas and creative level design.

Reviewing Videogames in the Modern Era is Hard · 7 min read


It used to be easy to review a videogame.