Introducing Digital Odysseys

2024-06-18 · 1 min read

You may have noticed over the past few days that a new item has appeared in the navigation bar.

Today I am introducing Digital Odysseys. The first few sentences from its page sum it up best:

Books have reading lists. Music has playlists. So videogames should have a list for themselves too! These are games that I hold in high regard, but also games that have made an impact on me. These games have shaped both my outlook on videogames, and are experiences that I treasure and think about often.

This list is similar in some respects to other publication's "Hall of Fame" lists, which denote exceptional games. However, Digital Odysseys is a more intimate list in nature, exploring games that mean something to me personally. These games shouldn't be viewed as the "best" games of all time -- videogames can be deeply personal experiences that vary significantly from person to person. I view these games as profound digital experiences (hence a Digital Odyssey) that have captured my imagination, and that I believe are worth playing through.

I've initially included five games in the inaugural list. I plan on adding more games semi frequently, so be sure to check in from time to time to see new additions. I hope that you enjoy reading through my selections, and that they inspire you to try something new.

Author: Alexander Perepechko

A software engineer who has a life-long obsession with videogames. Enjoys all sorts of programming and tech; also an avid coffee lover.